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12 April 2011 @ 10:39 pm


Krory could still not get over the new world he had been catapulted into. Life in the castle had remained much the same for a long time. With the villagers so scared of him, he had rarely had visitors, or news of the outside. Even when Eliade came, she brought very little of her outside life with her – and he had been so caught up in her that he had never really thought to ask. Telephones were new to him, the fires inside the caravans the Order travelled in were marvellous – even the food was new and exciting. Guns were new: none of the villagers could really afford anything like that, and he had never bothered with the castle armoury. Even the plants here were different, and they treated them differently. As he walked through the streets he saw a dozen flower-girls selling bouquets, had even stopped to admire them, only to find himself baffled when he saw that they were cut, not planted. That, and none of them bit his nose when he sniffed them. Truly he had a lot to learn about this modern world.



Officer Moore never regretted meeting Allen Walker. He had saved her life repeatedly, saved her brother and sister's souls. But there were drawbacks. She knew now, that she was utterly helpless in the world. The things that went bump in the night were real, and they were unstoppable, at least for a normal human like her. Every mystery death that crossed her desk sent a flinch of fear and uncertainty through her, as she scoured the reports looking for any sign that it was them, those things again. Her house was silent at night, warm but without comfort. Every scratch and rattle and creak of the wood floors was the silent tread of a monster she couldn't defeat. Every normal criminal, drunk and lout she arrested was a relief. Allen Walker was a good man, but knowing him was terrifying.

My dissertation is about zombies. It's very time consuming, brain consuming and a multitude of other things. But I would like to fic soon. Watch this space.

25 December 2010 @ 05:02 pm
* - Bought
R - Reading
A - Abandoned
C - Complete

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13 September 2010 @ 06:56 pm

“That's good.” His voice broke through her concentration and she looked up in a panic. Somewhere below, her feet got in their own way and her ankles ended up wrapped around her knees.

Miranda slumped to the floor in frustration, balling her hands into fists in her dress. Noise waved a hand at the golem providing the gentle strains of The Blue Danube, holding the other one out to her.
“Calm down.”

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12 September 2010 @ 07:57 pm
My my, that was a long break. I could make excuses, but that's not what anyone reading this came here for.


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Ever noticed that if you've been away for a fandom for a while it gets a lot harder to write? That's why the end of High Seas is taking so long.
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07 January 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Quitting smoking is not going well. Everything seems to remind me of it and frankly I miss it. Lapsed twice, although I have yet to go the full breakdown and buy myself a packet. The one thing this hideous, and rather disgusting amount of snow is useful for is stopping me getting to the shops to indulge.

Thank you snow. Except fuck you, because now I can't get back to uni. And I really want to be there.
02 January 2010 @ 01:46 am
Believe me, I never wanted to watch Doctor Who. I was stuck firmly in the past, I held strong against the Russell T. Davies onslaught. I hated Torchwood.

And then I saw this.

And now I need to see the series. I need it.
25 December 2009 @ 05:33 pm
25th December – Party

By the very fact of their existence as a religious order, the Christmas celebrated at Headquarters should have been sombre, quiet, dignified... in short, a primarily ecclesiastical matter. A day given over to prayer and penance, a day-long mass in the castle's corridors. This statement could have been true, would have been completely true were it not for the presence of one man. That man, was Komui Lee.

At first glance, one would be utterly confused as to how this man was responsible for the riot of festive feeling in Headquarters at this time of year. A quiet man by first impressions, a sharp mind, a brilliant leader... and then he slung a holly wreath around his neck and jumped and pranced and skittered around the hallways like a spider on ice. Anticipation, happiness and a small sense of fear ran high in the castle in the run up to the festive season. Covert meetings were had around corners, and furtive trips made into town for gift buying. Plans were laid in dimly lit tower-rooms, dark and hunched figures scheming and plotting, waiting for this day and this day only. Maniacal laughter rang in the cellars and caverns and one lone bauble blew across the prematurely emptied training ground. Of course, somewhere, high above it all, sat Komui, the spider in the centre of his web, completely in control of pretty much everything, kept in the know by his loyal lieutenant Reever. Lollygaggers and scrooges were warned to keep out of the way when they descended from their planning room, no anti-festive grouches would be allowed! Even Kanda made excuses to be on duty or in his room to avoid their iron control of the castle.

The week before Christmas, the silent anticipation was broken by Komui himself, arms overflowing with slips of paper as he danced and ran through the hallways, banging on every door he could find. Those who answered were greeted with a shower of scraps, a booming “Merry Christmas” and the odd and uncomfortable sensation of impending disaster. Hands shook as they uncrumpled the message delivered, eyes rolled back in skulls rather than read the words... the summoning:

Merry Christmas!
You are invited to a Special Christmas Party, in the Great Hall on December 25th
7:00pm till late
Don't bother to RSVP, anyone who doesn't turn up gets to be target practice for Komurin IV

And so it transpired on this happiest of nights, that the inhabitants of the castle crept from their dorms, from their rooms and from their offices down to the Great Hall, uncertain of what they were about to see. The hammering and sawing they'd heard all week had been slightly off-putting, as had the screams, but these could be rationalised by Komui's presence. Sort of, anyway. They loitered by the door, growing the collective courage to open it.

Bored of the waiting and angry at Lenalee for manhandling him along, Kanda strode out of the crowd and up to the doors, throwing them back with both hands, revealing... darkness... He glared around, angry and bewildered, the crowd pushing up behind him to stare into the darkness in wonder.

Even Lenalee seemed surprised, cupping her hands around her mouth to call her brother: “Komui! What's going on?” Her voice bounced back to her from the corners of the room, no reply but her own voice.

Something flickered in the dark. Allen spotted it first, raising a hand to point it out, but finding himself unable to do anything more than whisper as the flicker grew and drew attention for itself.

“Lenalee... everyone... look...”

It started slowly, like a fern uncurling in the dawn, like frost forming on a window, lights flickering to life one by one in the centre of the room. They picked up speed as they climbed upwards, rushing upwards like glowflies until the final one burst into incandescence. The tree stood silhouetted in it's own glorious lights, a marvellous giant that stretched to the roof, glowing softly with a thousand twinkling lights.

Jerry and his assistants appeared at the side of the room, each carrying a tray laden with candles and food to lay in front of the gaping guests. Tears sparkled in Lenalee's eyes and she grabbed Allen's hands in joy.

“Oh look, look what brother's done for us!”

Murmurs and conversation broke out everywhere, praising the supervisor, wishing season's greetings upon friends and colleagues. Lavi ran from group to group, sticking silly paper hats on everyone, caught up in their laughter and their jokes.

He caught his friends by the shoulders and swung them into a hug. “I can't believe it, he really outdid himself! Have you seen the size of that tree?” Lavi babbled on, pointing out tiny details he hadn't noticed. “A holly garland over the fireplace... have you seen the size of the fire? Once that's lit it'll go for hours. And the champagne! I didn't know we could afford champagne!”

Lenalee giggled helplessly, tugged here and there by her excitable friend. She dragged Allen with her as Lavi set about lighting the huge fire and regaling them with stories that Bookman had told him of Christmases long gone. They were so caught up in their merriment that they didn't notice the hush falling until it was only their voices breaking the utter silence. They turned to see what the fuss was about, Allen forced to crane over his friends' heads as they looked.

The music started very quietly, lead by an unknown scientist on the guitar.

“Happy birthday, to you.”

Allen's eyes snapped to the doorway, where Komui stood, small smile on his face, his exuberance retained for once.

“Happy birthday, to you.”

His lips moved as he sang, the words slowly being taken up by everyone in the room until the quiet hum turned into a song that rang from the rafters.

“Happy birthday, dear Allen...”

Allen stood in the centre of the room, overcome, overwhelmed by the emotion, the camaraderie of the people around him. Miranda was crying, her smile crinkling the water from her eyes as she waved to him. Lenalee was crying too, more subtle, but her eyes were bright as she sang with all her might. People he had only talked to once, if ever, were shaking hands with him, patting him on the back and wishing him well. He wasn't sure what to do, where to turn, what to say, except a heartfelt thank you to each and every one.

“Happy birthday to you.”

24 December 2009 @ 05:32 pm
24th December – Family

Glassed-in portraits winked and flashed in the darkness of the room, candles flickering in draughts that came from no door. Tyki paced along one wall, staring up into the infinite spaces above, seeing the faces of his previous incarnations stare back with unsettling, implacable smiles. He mirrored their grins, teeth flashing white and sharp in the dark as he tore into the flesh of an apple.
Road lay sprawled under the tree, tapping the baubles with her fingernails, watching her reflection dance and distort in their dark curved surfaces. Presents lay scattered around her, the wrapping luxurious, the contents the best money could buy. The Earl loved his family, yes, he loved them very much, as he told them with his smiles and his gifts and his reedy, croaky voice in song, echoing down invisible corridors.

They all awaited his presence now, in various states of repose around the room and table, enjoying their day of rest from their plans. Their silhouettes shifted in the dark recesses, lit by flickering candles as they sat, patiently. Lovingly.

The fabric of reality parted, and a stream of light burst in from a door that was never there before. In he strode, a vision in crimson and white fur trimmings, gently tugging off his gloves finger by finger. Snow fell from his boots and his shoulders as he shuffled in, bending to fit through the wavering portal. His top hat towered above him, scraping the door frame and almost touching the sides with its brim, overflowing with mistletoe and holly. A long and tangled beard twisted from his grinning chin down to his knees, rolling in white waves over his belly, heaving and moving with his sudden bursts of laughter.

“Ho ho ho little family! Have you been good this year? ”

Road threw herself up from under the tree and ran to him, giggling as she danced around, looking at his costume from all angles before finally allowing herself to give him a hug.

“Earl! You're here! Play with me!”

The twins cracked up, falling across the table with laughter.

“Look at Lero! Lero! Lero!” Jasdero wheezed, leaping up to grab the golem and point it at his brother.

The golem grimaced and grumbled, features almost obscured by a bulbous, red nose. David whooped and pinched it until it squeaked like a dog toy, sending his twin into paroxysms of laughter.

Skinn looked over with interest: “Is it a cherry?” He reached over and grabbed at it, as Lero ducked and swerved out of his grasp.

“Earl! Stop him! He's trying to eat my nose, lero!” The golem curved ever higher above the Earl's head, pleading for safety from the insanity below.

The Ear pretended to look about wildly for another person. “Who is this Earl? I am Saint Nicholas I'll have you know, here to bring presents and joy to the Noah Family... This Earl will just have to wait his turn! ” He shook his fist at the darting golem, belly and hat wobbling dangerously as he did.

Road turned her attention to investigating the sleeves of his outfit, tugging down the white fur trim to look inside. To her delight, she was rewarded by doves, pouring from the magician's sleeves and vanishing somewhere above the dark room, white feathers floating down through the air to scatter artfully amongst the dishes being laid out by the servant Akuma. Cyril lifted one up to his face and smiled, before blowing it over at Tyki with a wiggle of his fingers.

“How delightfully well-orchestrated, Earl, as always.” He stood to inspect the costume for himself. “It suits you.”

“Why thank you, Cyril. I used your favourite tailor, you know. Quite a man. ”

Arms now free, the Earl grasped Road in a tight hug, leading her over to sit at the table. She wriggled and giggled in his grasp for a moment, until he let her loose to find her place.

The atmosphere suddenly grew sombre, as the Noah moved out of the shadows all around the room to take their place behind their chairs. The end of the table stood empty, no chair behind it, no cutlery in front of it. Its emptiness drew the eye like a gaping wound. Even the shadows seemed to fall differently in that screaming hole, as if it drew them in. The Earl stared into the abyss, his face completely unchanging, as his family stared down into their plates, uncomfortable, sorrowful, angry...
...Emotions quite unsuitable for this time, as the Earl evidently decided, clapping his hands to break the silence.

“More lights! I want to see the faces of my dear ones today! ” The silent, grey-faced drones moved forward to light the lamps, until the air grew hot and the room blazed with a hundred candles, dotted in between the platters on the table.

“This is the day of the blessed, a time to make merry, a time to celebrate all we are and all we will become. ” He raised his glass in the air, the light shining through turning his face blood-red like his clothing. “To our family, and to our future.

24 December 2009 @ 12:22 am
I have just seen David Tennant on NMTB, and I am even more in love with him than ever. Because he hates John Barrowman.

Oh thank god! -sob- I thought I was the only one!

Doesn't help that whenever I call my landlady I announce myself as [real name] - tenant. It's unintentional, she just freaks me out. But now I like the inferred relationship. Yeaaah.

I'll admit I've got no fucking clue what's going on.
23 December 2009 @ 05:27 pm
23rd December – Sledging
The two teams faced each other on either side of the hall, pulling intimidating faces, making cruel jokes between themselves.
It had started simply, two days ago, a jest between two friends in the Science Department about who could make the better sled. The jest had turned into an argument, which had itself fuelled a wager. Word had spread throughout the scientists, starting a book of it's own, the wager snowballing into something hugely out of proportion. Then it had reached the superiors.
Reever was remonstrating the team as a whole, furious that they'd neglect their work for a silly bet, when Komui walked in. Komui could smell a challenge brewing, a ridiculous challenge that would get him out of work for at least a day, and there was no way he was going to turn that down.
“You know Reever, their plans are quite sound.” He feigned extreme interest in the blueprints, pretending to scour them as if they held the secret to eternal life. “Both have taken into account the weight of the driver, made gains and losses for acceleration, plus both designs are extremely aerodynamic. I think it'd be a pretty close run thing... of course, this team would win...” he waved one plan triumphantly in front of his face, “...because I trained them personally.”
“It doesn't make any difference. We shouldn't be encouraging gambling and vice in the Department.” He glanced sideways at the plans, in Komui's hands. “Besides, there's some things your team just haven't considered, that my – I mean the other - team have already covered.”
“Oh really?” Komui looked at Reever over his glasses. “The only thing your team will cover is their tears as mine wins.”
“I doubt it!”
“Yeah? Want to make a little bet perhaps? A little wager, to make it interesting?” Komui was rarely subtle, but his crude jabs still found their path.
“Fine. My team wins and you... you do your paperwork for once! On time! For a whole month!”
Komui drew back, gasping in mock terror. His face fell into an evil grin as he considered his reply. “Fine. My team wins and you not only do all my paperwork for me... but you do it in a BUNNY SUIT!”
The men made shows of horror around them, muttering at the perceived harshness of the forfeits.
Komui inspected his nails casually. “Let's give ourselves say, two days?”
Too fired up to back down now, Reever merely offered him a curt nod, waving his team into a huddle. Komui flounced away, rubbing his hands in evil glee.
And so it had come to this, Sixty-Five pacing to the base of the ramps as a hush fell over the groups. They'd spent half a night bringing in and packing down the snow for this, taking up half the Hall. Exorcists and Finders lined the balconies above, not a clue about what was going on, but certain it would entertain them for a while.
He made a motion with his hands and the teams carried their sled forward, laying them on the snowy plateaus with confidence. Komui and Reever stepped forward, bearing their team number and colours on identical berets. Komui milked the crowd, waving to his imaginary adoring public before putting on his game face and stepping to his sled. Each man got on, steadied by their companions. Stopwatch raised, Sixty-Five counted down their warning, his motions picked up by the spectators in a loud roar:
“Three... two... one... GO!”
Sixty-Five dived for cover as the pair rocketed down their makeshift slopes, cheered on by the crowd. The two jostled for top position where the slopes conjoined, not above ramming the other, expressions grim and dedicated.
“HEY! SUPERVISOR!” Reever yelled over the whistle of their acceleration, spitting stray snow from his mouth. “DID YOU KNOW, LENALEE IS MARRYING ALLEN WHILE YOU'RE BUSY?”
Reever took a small sick pleasure in watching his boss's brain almost completely shut down, teeth gritting, eyes rolling, his hands clenched to his sled. Suddenly he started punting himself faster, crazily swaying over the slope to stop Reever getting ahead. The crowd held their breath, complete silence reigned by the sound of intense sledging from below.
He reached the end with a magnificent swerve, the runners scraping sparks from the stones as he skidded to a halt and launched himself upwards.
“Lenalee! Don't get married!”
He stopped halfway up the stairs, turning to point down at Reever:
“My office, half an hour, bunny suit.”